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Prices shown below are for payments made via personal or e-check
PayPal option includes an additional 3.49% + $0.49 PayPal fees.



Discounted Rate for Karate Dojo Members:

Kendo students must arrive 30 mins before class with the Institute Registration & Waiver Form and bring a personal check, payable to 'JKA WF Chicago Karate Institute, Inc.'

Visitor Pop-in**

Kendo Goseikan Members: $15/class

Kendo Non-Goseikan Members: $30/class

**students must sign visitor waiver form at the dojo & notify us 3 days in advance before arriving​

Class Schedule


6:15PM - 7:30PM    

Kendo: Beginners & Advanced

7:30PM - 8:15PM

Kendo: Additional Time for Advanced

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