(with effect from Oct 01, 2021, when the new Dojo opens:

Dues for classes per Quarter, (3 months):
Fees are due on/before the 25th of the month prior to the quarter.
Kinder-Karate (4-6yrs):          1 x a week:  $150/quarter           2 x a week:  $250/quarter
                                                                                                             Discount: (You save $50!!!)
Youth-Karate (7-12yrs):          1 x a week:  $225/quarter           2 x a week:  $300/quarter          3 x a week:  $375/quarter
                                                                                                             Discount: (You save $150!!!)       Discount: (You save $300!!!)
Teens & Adults:                        1 x a week:  $300/quarter           2 x a week:  $375/quarter          3 x a week:  $450/quarter
                                                                                                             Discount: (You save $225!!!)       Discount:(You save $450!!!)
Dues for other classes:
Tournament-Team Coaching:  3 x a week:  $500/season       (Tournament season is from Feb to Jul of every year.)
Private Lessons:                      30 mins:  $30/-                            1 hour:  $50/-
Small-Group, (3-5 persons):  30 mins:  $15/person                1 hour:  $20/person
Visitor Pop-in:   $30/class
Annual Membership dues:
Annual Membership Dues:    $100/member, due in December each year.


Online Classes via Zoom.com

Starting Sep 01, 2020, we will be offering daily online classes for all grades. Kindly email us for schedule and fees. Non-members and beginners are welcome.