Membership Options
*with effect from Dec 01, 2021, after the Grand Opening.

Dues for in-person classes per quarter
(3 months)

Online Classes via

Starting January 2022, for those of our members and patrons who cannot make it to our Dojo, we will be resuming daily online
classes for all grades. Kindly email us for online class schedule and fees. We will also be offering Private lessons as before.Non-
members and beginners are welcome.
*Fees are due on or before the 25th of the month prior to the quarter
Prices shown below are for payments made via personal or e-check
PayPal option includes an additional 3.49% + $0.49 PayPal fees.

1x a week:  $150/quarter 

1x a week:  $225/quarter

1x a week:  $300/quarter

2x a week:  $300/quarter

Discount: (You save $150)

2x a week:  $375/quarter

Discount: (You save $225)

3x a week:  $375/quarter

Discount: (You save $300)

3x a week:  $450/quarter

Discount: (You save $450)

Kinder-Karate (4-6yrs) 

One parent is encouraged to participate with the student. No extra charge.

Youth- Karate (7-12yrs) 

Teens & Adults

Dues for other classes

Tournament Team Coaching

*Tournament season is from Feb to Jul every year.

3x a week: $500/season

Private Lessons**

30 mins: $30

1 hour: $50

Small Group
  (3-5 persons)**

30 mins: $15/per person

1 hour: $20/per person

Visitor Pop-in**

Karate: $30/class

**Private, Small-Group, Visitor Pop-in fees are due before the class.


Annual Membership dues:

(Due in December each year.)