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Membership Options
*with effect from Dec 01, 2021, after the Grand Opening.

Dues for in-person classes per quarter
(3 months)

*Fees are due on or before the 25th of the month prior to the quarter
Prices shown below are for payments made via personal or e-check
PayPal option includes an additional 3.49% + $0.49 PayPal fees.

1x a week:  $150/quarter 

1x a week:  $225/quarter

1x a week:  $300/quarter

2x a week:  $300/quarter

Discount: (You save $150)

2x a week:  $375/quarter

Discount: (You save $225)

3x a week:  $375/quarter

Discount: (You save $300)

3x a week:  $450/quarter

Discount: (You save $450)

Kinder-Karate (4-6yrs) 

One parent is encouraged to participate with the student. No extra charge.

Youth- Karate (7-12yrs) 

Teens & Adults

Dues for other classes

Tournament Team Coaching

*Tournament season is from Feb to Jul every year.

3x a week: $500/season

Private Lessons**

30 mins: $30

1 hour: $50

Small Group
  (3-5 persons)**

30 mins: $15/per person

1 hour: $20/per person

Visitor Pop-in**

Karate: $30/class

**Private, Small-Group, Visitor Pop-in fees are due before the class.


Annual Membership dues:

(Due in December each year.)



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