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Special Event!! Mayor's Visit to Our Dojo: Saturday May 28th, 2022

Mr Richard Irvin, the current Mayor of Aurora, and running candidate for the Governorship of Illinois, will be visiting our Institute on Saturday, May 28th 2022 to felicitate our Tournament-Team members, as well as do the official 'ribbon-cutting' for our Dojo.

It is a matter of great pride, that the Mayor's Office has taken the interest in coming down and recognizing the hard work and diligence of our medalists at the recent 2022 Chicago and Illinois State Karate Championships.

We would like to request all our Karate, Kendo members and Patrons to be present with their friends and families, to celebrate the success of our youngsters.

We will also be organizing a small, 5-mins demonstration by the team-members and staff for everyone.

All team-members are advised to ensure that they arrive by 9:30AM, with their recent Chicago and Illinois State medals, and pristine uniforms. A special certificate will be presented to you by the Mayor.

Looking forward to a great event and, and encouraging the next generation of Champions in our community.

Best regards,

N Dhawan Director JKA WF Chicago Karate Institute, Inc.



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