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Traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate. 
We are devoted to offering you the best instruction, in a safe, disciplined, and friendly environment... for your entire family.

Welcome to our DOJO

Our motto is: “Karate for Character”.

The Institute was registered in the State of Illinois in 2008, and since then, we have had the opportunity of serving a large number of individuals and institutions in the Chicagoland area.

We are members of the JKA WF America, which is directly affiliated with the Japan Karate Association HQ in Tokyo.

Our young members also get the privilege of training to compete at the Chicago Classic, the Illinois State, the US Open, as well as the USANKF National Karate Championships, as we are a registered member club with the USA National Karate Federation, (member of the USOC & USOPC).

We pride ourselves with a fantastic staff that goes out of their way to teach excellent life-skills to the younger generation, and fosters them with compassion and dignity. They are trained to help individuals of all physical abilities to achieve improvements in their physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Many of our senior members have themselves accomplished a lot of success at State, National and International Championships, as well as in their professional careers.

At our Institute, every individual is encouraged to strive to do the following:


- Indulge in life-long study. Make mistakes and learn from them, so they are not repeated.

- Start each day with gratitude, and contribute towards enriching the lives of others.

- Never, ever, give up. The journey is more important than the destination.

- Embrace victory and failure in a dignified manner.

- The stronger you become, the more gentle and compassionate you will be.

Whether you are the parent of a 4-year-old, (who is excited to learn to move like the Jedi and the Ninja), or whether you are 64 years old, looking to start a new hobby that will enrich your life with better health, discipline, and surround yourself with a great camaraderie of friends and community… Karate is for everyone.

Please take the time to go through our website, and schedule a time to come visit us, so that we may give you a tour of our beautiful, custom-built facility, and share our Karate with you.

Finally, we would like you to look at the 5 principles, Dojo Kun, (codes), that we recite at the end of each class:

- One! Seek perfection of Character!


- One! Be Honest and Faithful!


- One! Endeavour to Excel!


- One! Respect self and others!


- One! Refrain from violent behavior!

(They are not numbered from 1 to 5, but instead, each principle is given the same importance in the order to achieve the desired self-development.)

Recent Announcements

Our Monthly Regional Tournament-Team Training Session can be found on our Calendar HERE.

Our senior black and brown-belts with the JKA Chief Instructor at the JKA WF America national Camp & Tournament in 2019.
 Our Dojo's 2019 JKA WF America National Champions with Ueki Shihan.


Vladimir Kaloyantchev

Sensei Dhawan is very knowledgeable and with deep and detailed understanding of Karate! Also, great  and friendly Sempais! The  schedule  is  full with  classes for  everyone from kids to  adults. I would recommend this dojo to  everyone!

Nilam Rathod

Mr Dhawan is an incredible teacher Who will make your kids very athletic and strong

Pratik Dalal

Excellent traditional shotokan karate school - one of the best in the state of IL, a world class instructor and a great dojo for all ages!

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